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Improving Health. Improving Life. Massage. Therapy.

Improving Health. Improving Life. Massage. Therapy.

Improving Health. Improving Life. Massage. Therapy.Improving Health. Improving Life. Massage. Therapy.

Erin Nacey, LMP

Welcome! And thank you for choosing Nacey Wellness Clinic to help you reach your wellness goals. 

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself… I am a native of the Northwest (but I’ve traveled to 4 continents and hope to add to that list!) I love nature and being outside, whether it is hiking to an Alpine Lake in the Cascades, snowboarding or skiing in those same mountains, doing yoga in the park, or just digging in the dirt (gardening) out in the yard. l have always been passionate about healthy living and I am committed to the pursuit of my own wellness goals as well as helping others achieve theirs.

I believe in challenging myself to remain engaged and conscious, continually learning and growing so that I can be the best version of myself possible and so that, in turn, I can help others be their best, too. I have always had a love for, and fascination with, the natural world and the Natural Sciences and have always enjoyed studying Biology, Chemistry, Pathology, and Anatomy and Physiology in particular. 

It was my fascination with these sciences, in combination with my desire for a healthy lifestyle for myself and others, that lead me to massage therapy which I have found to be a powerful tool that can benefit just about anyone and everyone.

In addition to learning from a plethora of books (which I love to do!) and many wonderful teachers over the years, I am a very experiential learner and I solidify my knowledge through firsthand experience. 

Because I have experienced the benefits of receiving massage therapy over the years (I am a second generation L.M.P.  so, I began receiving massage at an early age) I feel even more confident in what the books and teachers have taught me and I enjoy sharing this knowledge and information with others that are interested in reaching their own wellness goals.  

By helping you to support and maintain your physical health and vitality, decrease pain, and increase an overall sense of wellbeing I am excited to accompany you in the pursuit of wellness.